Breakroom Cuisine: Mighty Mighty Mocha

Most of us admin-types do fit the caffine stereotype. And, let’s face it, our professionalism is not in question just because we like to get hopped up on the acrid, steamy brown liquid that spills forth from stained, scuffed glass-and-plastic containers seated precariously over a glorified hot plate.

With the go-go 90s behind us, most of us are not enjoying premium blend Starbucks Arabian Mocha Java anymore (well, we are… after all, we distribute breakroom supplies… lucky us!). Here’s a fun Breakroom Cuisine recipe to take the edge off the brew. Most breakrooms I’ve seen have the ingredients:
  • 1 styrofoam cup (a treat this good deserves a disposable container!)
  • 1 cup-ish amount of coffee (even decaf is usable in this!)
  • 2 packs of instant hot chocolate (bonus for Suisse Miss with marshmallows!)
  • 3 individual creamers (bonus for actual half-n-half! minus for powdered stuff)

Don’t use too much coffee (about a cup… definitely no more than 8 oz.). Don’t add sugar. Add packets of hot chocolate mix to cup. Add creamer (ok, I knocked the powered stuff, but it’s not bad for this). Add coffee. Stir thoroughly to incorporate the sludge at the bottom into the liquid. Enjoy!

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