New Resume Format

Manager Tools... love it, love it, love it.

By the way, they've made two points over the years:
1) My resume (and probably yours) stinks
2) Even when you fix it, it may still stink

Fortunately, they also have some suggestions. I took them to heart and made a first pass...

James A. Stagg Jr (Jim)
Street | City State Zip | Phone | jstagg@gmail.com

Sept. 2006 to present: Project Manager/Application Administrator, S.P. Richards Co., Smyrna GA
Responsible for managing projects as required by the Director of Development; day-to-day operations of the ERP system for a $110M subsidiary company.
+ Leading $750k subsidiary ERP system integration project

+ Consulting on other projects & issues as needed

Jan. 2001 to Aug. 2006: Senior Systems Administrator, S.P. Richards Co.
, Smyrna GA
Responsible for designing, implementing & supporting Windows solutions; assisting in departmental & project budgeting; mentoring junior team members
+ Led $1M legacy system replacement project
+ Led $250k subsidiary network & hardware migration project
+ Led $50k Canadian subsidiary network migration project
+ Designed, implemented and supported Windows disaster recovery strategies
+ Implemented library-based backup system for Windows servers

Sept. 2000 to December 2000: Systems Administrator, Dealergain.com, Norcross GA
Responsible for designing, implementing & supporting Windows solutions
+ Implemented patch management strategy for Windows systems
(Company dissolved in early 2001)

April 1998 to Aug. 2000: Systems Administrator/Web Designer, Expo.net/Websitesfast.com, Norcross GA
Responsible for designing, implementing & supporting FreeBSD, Linux & Windows solutions; creating customer web solutions
+ Designed, implemented and supported several web solutions for large and small customers
+ Worked directly with potential and existing customers on requirements

Oct. 1996 to April 1998: Systems Analyst, Sportime International, Norcross GA
Responsible for supporting Windows, Apple Macintosh, Novell & AS/400 solutions
+ Created first company web sites for each catalog brand
+ Installed company's first IP-related services (DHCP & DNS)
+ Learned and implemented fundamentals of directory services

Aug. 1994 to Sep. 1996: Graphic Designer, Sportime International
, Norcross GA
Responsible for catalog production as well as creating special projects and advertising
+ Managed technical piece of $150k catalog publishing system implementation project
+ Managed pre-press process of all catalog production for a resulting cost savings of $90k annually
+ Supported Apple Macintosh catalog publishing systems

Sept. 1993 to Aug. 1994: Art Director, Fulton County Daily Report, Atlanta GA
Responsible for managing art department team of 5 on daily newspaper production and special projects deadlines. Also responsible for working with editorial staff to lay out daily front page
+ Designed and produced annual "Georgia Bench Book" in house for the first time
+ Mentored and trained a Press Assistant into becoming a key Art Assistant

1992 to Aug. 1993: Assistant Art Director, Fulton County Daily Report, Atlanta GA
Responsible for creating & managing special projects (books, special supplements, magazines) as well as supporting daily newspaper deadlines
+ Managed art department team for 6 months during Art Director search
+ Supported Apple Macintosh newspaper publishing systems

Sept. 1990 to May 1992: Art Assistant, Fulton County Daily Report, Atlanta GA
Responsible for producing daily legal notices section as well as designing newspaper ads
+ Assisted in implementing newspaper publishing system

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