PM Survival Kit, part 1

I should have remembered all of this from my sysadmin days. Sometimes you need to get everyone in the same room. And when you do, it works a lot better if those people can have power, network connectivity and such.

Here's a list of things every PM should have in their survival kit. You are not required to have these completely in your posession, but you do need access to them (or you need to know where to steal, er, liberate or reallocate, them).

Must have (you're lost without it):
  • Network hub or switch (with at least 8 ports & of the non-wireless variety)
  • One large power strip (like 20 sockets... or two small ones)
  • Extension cord (min. 25 feet)
  • Legal-type notepads
  • Flip chart (unless you've been blessed with whiteboards)

Nice to have (you look like a pro for having it):
  • Wireless switch (see, it's there... it's just not the default way to connect everyone)
  • Laptop power supply for sharing (assuming your company has a standard build)
  • Fan (as in big comma oscillating)
  • Sriracha hot sauce (if you have to ask...)
  • Carnation French Vanilla Creamer (ditto)

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