Project Freakout, part 4... the long march to go-live

I kept the "Freakout" series title, though the freakout has passed. As the recent "Reorganization" post might lead you to infer, we're in the closing stages of the project.

At some point, go-live is visible. It's tantalizingly close and desperately far away all at the same time as defects appear, missed features are debated and stuff that did work doesn't work and then works again. Nerves get frayed. Days run long. Folks are thrown under buses.

Not much to add, really. We'll land the plane. It'll have both wings, a rudder and horizontal stabilizers. It might dead-stick to a gear-up touchdown on the taxiway just to the left of the active, but everyone will be able to walk away with no more than minor scratches.

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