Synaptics TouchPad + Windows 7 Business

I'm running Windows 7 Business on an HP NC6400, and it's pretty sweet. Out of the box, the only pieces that don't work are the SD Card reader and the fingerprint scanner.

I also have a super-sweet (to me, anyway) IBM Ultranav portable USB keyboard that has a Synaptics TouchPad (and TouchStick, which I don't really use) built in. It's nice not needing a traditional mouse on my desk.

Funny thing is that the TouchPad on the NC6400 works fine. But the TouchPad on the Ultranav doesn't. I tried the one from Lenovo (since IBM handed that off a couple of years ago). Turns out all I needed to do was to go to the Synaptics driver site and install the Vista driver.

Works like a champ.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the suggestion to use the drivers at the Synaptics site! I'm running Windows 7 and the pointers (stick and pad) on my ultranav keyboards stopped working. I must have spent over 2 hours trying various things to make it work. The Synaptics driver update worked like a charm!