Dolly Madison "Divide By Two" Fail

Can't divide by two? Dolly Madison has your back! Only they can't divide by two, either. This is not the best thing I might choose to put in my system. Mathematically-challenged, high-calorie snacks are way worse than just high-calorie snacks.

Let's count the foibles:
  1. If you eat one, it's 200 cal. So the 410 cals on the pack? Either they're expecting a lot of icing stiction to the package, or they expect me to eat the package. One of those alternatives is wholly understandable. The other is slightly alarming.
  2. One roll has no trans fats. Two rolls have 0.5g trans fats. Eat the right one!
  3. One roll has 6g of fat. Two rolls have 11g of fat. Again, choose wiseley!
  4. et cetera

So, I have a math fail, too. I suggested counting the foibles, and stopped at 4. Clearly, my Dolly Madison snack consumption is taking a toll.

1 comment:

Frances said...

When food is broken in half the calories fall out so the point is moot.