On Being Action-Oriented...

Quick reflection on being action-oriented...

I did a small, boneheaded thing today. Details aren't important. I just did half of something and forgot about the other half. And it's a task that should be handed by a functional person because it's related to customer config data.

(If you're scrunching your nose and furrowing your brow about that, there's usually a dotted line in larger IT organizations that separate "applications" and "data." I can help you install Excel. I can teach you how to use it. I might even show you a formula or two. But I really should leave it up to you to maintain your own spreadsheet, even if you ask me nicely to tinker with it)

All in all, it's a pretty innocent mistake, and everyone is OK with it. In fact, it was barely more than a fleeting thought in a long conversation.

But it made me reflect on times I've been called on the carpet vs. times I haven't. And the times I've been called to task are almost universally times where I haven't done something (for any number of good or bad reasons).

In other words, any time I've made an error of action, it's generally been forgivable. Good thing to remember.

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