Windows 7 Beta Oddities

So far, the beta ride with Windows 7 has been clean. Even Authentec stepped up to offer a beta fingerprint driver that was released in the last few days. And Windows 7 even prompts me at that point to say "hey, Hondo, you really should let me fix this device problem for you."

Here are the two oddities significant enough to warrant a mention:
  1. I can't close an Outlook 2003 note. I can make 'em. I can edit 'em. But I can't close 'em without closing Outlook.
  2. Connecting to work via vpn locks out my user account. It's a domain-joined laptop connecting to a Nortel Contivity via pptp and a local Contivity account (the Contivity can use domain accounts via RADIUS, but I don't use that). I don't have to access any domain resources. My account is just instantly locked (which is to say that 7 is accessing a domain resource... I'm just not triggering an event that would do it).

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