Happy Path: Exchange/Blackberry Email Filtering

As lame as it sounds, I think one of the best things I've done in the last two years isn't a project. It's my work email filtering via Exchange and my Blackberry. It's far from perfect, but it works astonishingly well for me.

In my case, the definition of "works" is that I see high-priority information more easily. I don't waste as much time as I once did on sorting, filtering and reading to get to what matters the most for the items at the top of my priority list.

Every so often, I'll describe it, and a light will go on for the listener. And that listener is usually someone who gets 500 messages (on a good day... bad days can have MANY more), most of which are, well, just pointless to read. Sometimes, the listener has each one of those pop up in Outlook and alert on a Blackberry. Quel dommage!

I'm no rocket surgeon, so it can't be that I'm all that bright. Mostly, I just culled the ideas from other folks. Here's my version:
1) My Blackberry will only alert for "Level 1" messages
2) Messages CC'd to me NEVER go to my Blackberry (BCC does, though)
3) Messages "to" me get filtered extensively
4) Other oddball rules and practices